Olayinka Akinbola


Olayinka Akinbola

School Administrator





Apo-Gudu, Abuja, 900121 NG








Program assessment

Faculty Development

Organizational Development

Visionary Thinking

Academic Excellence

Teamwork and Collaboration


Goal Setting

Adaptability and Flexibility

Self Motivation



Talented with expert team leadership, planning, and organizational skills built during successful career. Smoothly equip employees to independently handle daily functions and meet customer needs. Diligent trainer and mentor with exceptional management abilities and results-driven approach.


Work History


  2020-09 – Current   Rector

Unique School/G-Learning Institute, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

· Enhanced student retention and success rates through effective mentoring and academic support strategies.

· Developed partnerships with international institutions, promoting global awareness and cultural exchange among students and faculty.

· Streamlined administrative processes through technology integration, reducing operational costs while increasing efficiency.

· Led accreditation efforts that resulted in continued institutional recognition from accrediting bodies.

· Launched online course offerings to broaden access to educational opportunities for non-traditional students.

· Fostered alumni connections through targeted outreach efforts, encouraging ongoing support of the institution’s mission and goals.

· Implemented strategic planning efforts, ensuring long-term growth and sustainability of the institution.

· Launched new academic programs in response to industry trends, preparing students for careers in high-demand fields.

· Improved overall student engagement by incorporating relevant real-world examples and multimedia into lectures.

· Developed and implemented innovative curriculums, leading to enhanced learning experiences for students.

· Spearheaded marketing campaigns that increased enrollment numbers despite competitive market conditions.


  2009-08 – 2013-06   Economics & Business Studies Lecturer

Gilgal International Education, Wuse Zone 6, Abuja, FCT

· Evaluated student progress through regular assessments, providing detailed feedback for improvement and growth.

· Promoted collaboration among students through group projects and presentations, fostering teamwork and communication skills.

· Increased student interest by incorporating real-world examples into lessons and connecting material to relevant experiences.

· Managed large class sizes effectively, maintaining an orderly learning environment conducive to student success.

· Served as intermediary between the institution and other bodies eg British Council

· Registered students for both Local and Foreign Examinations

· Served as Students’ counselor


  2007-10 – 2009-06   Manager

A.K Offat Nigeria Limited, Garki, FCT, Nigeria

· Launched new products and services with thorough market research, leading to increased revenue growth.

· Conducted competitive analysis to identify market trends and capitalize on emerging opportunities for growth.

· Cultivated partnerships with external stakeholders to maximize business opportunities and extend network reach within the industry sector.

· Facilitated successful cross-functional collaborations for the completion of key projects, fostering strong working relationships among team members.

· Implemented innovative marketing campaigns that boosted brand awareness and generated significant sales leads.

· Ensured compliance with industry regulations and legal requirements by implementing comprehensive policies and training programs for staff members.

· Built high-performing teams through effective recruitment, onboarding, and talent development initiatives.


  2002-02 – 2007-10   Examination Officer/Economics Lecturer

Global International College, Asokoro, FCT, Nigeria

Preparing Time Table for both Examinations and Lectures

Registering students for both Local and Foreign Examinations

Served as liaison officer between the College and external bodies such as British Council and Partner Universities in United Kingdom and Asia Countries

Coordinating all issues regarding Examinations

Assisting students in gaining admission to their choice Universities abroad

Economics Lecturer




  Expected in 2025-02   MBA: Business And Managerial Economics

Open University of Nigeria – Abuja, FCT, Nigeria 


  2006-09   PGDE: Education Administration

National Teachers Institute – Abuja, FCT, Nigeria 


  1995-07   Bachelor of Science: Economics

Ogun State University – Ago Iwoye, Ogun